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Success Stories:

"I feel amazing! It used to take me 25-30 minutes just to fall asleep AND I would wake up several times throughout the night. I can finally say I slept through the night 
for the first time in ten years
- Courtney

“I would highly recommend Dr. Kara's supplement consultations. Since being on the vitamin plan that Dr. Kara recommended, I have noticed huge changes mentally and physically. I am sleeping better, my skin and nails improved, and overall, have more energy. The vitamins I ordered are high quality which help contribute to my healthy lifestyle. She really cares about her patients and recommends only what she thinks would be beneficial to your long-term personal goals.
Thanks, Dr. Kara!”
- Samantha

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You’ll receive a customized plan. We get that one size does not fit all.
With your own plan, you can start feeling more energized and decrease your stress! You’ll finally get the results you want from supplements. More importantly, you'll learn which ones will be best for your needs, so you can stop wasting money on ones you don’t. 

Order from a trusted, online dispensary, where you can get the exact products recommended.  
No need to worry about the quality of the product or having to search different stores to find what you need!
vitamin consult
Special pricing for a limited time!
Sign up for a consult today to lock in this special pricing! You’ll get a one-on-one consult and customized plan for only $97 USD. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Kara Montz

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor who can help answer your questions about vitamins and supplements, while giving you the proper recommendations that meet your needs.

I use science and experience to help customize a plan that will work specifically for you.

My purpose is for you to learn how to enhance your life with vitamins and supplements, so you can reach your health and wellness goals.


 Do I have to purchase the supplements or are they included?

Yes, you do need to purchase any products that are recommended, as they are not included. Each person will have an individualized plan, so it’s up to you to order.
You’ll be provided the information about the exact products recommended, amount and dosages- all you have to do is go to the links sent to you. No shopping around required!

Where will I be purchasing the supplements from?

We have  an online dispensary where you can order the professional grade products, so you don’t have to worry about the quality or having to search different stores to find what you need! They’ll even be shipped directly to your home. 

Can’t I just search online about supplements?

Of course you can, but you won’t be able to get the expertise  of  a professional  that studied natural supplements for years and has experience in the field. You will be missing out on finding the perfect plan for you when it comes to both products and dosages. 

*Must use within 30 days from purchase
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